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The band was formed in 1993/1994 in Buenos Aires.
At that time, Montreal appeared in the "Spaces", "Cocosur" and "Locas Bohemia" Theatre, the latter being the place chosen for the recording of a live compilation. In early 1994, Montreal finished recording his first independent production, entitled "Rock & Roll", which included five tracks. From that time the band dedicated all the time to its diffusion, performing live on several local television stations, the most relevant: "El Gran Debut" (ATC) and "La Noche Menos Pensada" (Station 9) . The comments about Montreal on TV arrived soon due to the publications of the "Metal", "Metálica", "Madhouse", "Under Force Zine, "Señales Rock" and "Heavy Punk Rock" fanzines and magazines.

In February 1995, in the 49th "Madhouse" magazine, Montreal ranked fourth in the 1994 survey, for the "Demo orIndependent Production" of "Rock & Roll" item. By February 1996, the abovementioned magazine chose the band in the sixth place for "Revelation Band".
In May a video clip was realeased, allowing Montreal to appear on "La Página del Rock" (ATC), "Power 30" (Much Music) and "Rock & Music TV 5" (Channel 5 Urquiza). In June, the band began to record the cassette named "En Vivo!". In early August, Montreal recorded the song "Dame", which was heard on several radio stations, including "Rock & Pop", "La Tribu" and "La Boca". In September, they gave their first show outside of Buenos Aires in the "Lemon Crash" pub (Concepción del Uruguay - Entre Ríos).
As the year was coming to and end, the MTV Latin Station commented on the "Headbangers" programme in Miami on the "En Vivo!" cassette.

In early 1997 Montreal made his first video clip of the "Dame" song, and offered the first shows of the year at the "Hillock", "Cyborg", "El Pasillo", "Acatraz" pubs and in the "Vinoteca Perrier" of Mar del Plata (Atlantic coast). The third independent production, named "Buenos Tiempos", came out in March. By that time, Montreal ranked fourth with "En Vivo!" in the 1996 survey carried out for the"Madhouse" magazine, now for the "Independent Production" item. The band continued with the presentation of "Buenos Tiempos", being interviewed at several radio stations. In mid-1997 Montreal was highly consolidated into the "under scene". By that time, "Shows 1996-1997", the new independent production, saw the light. It was made with some shots of the live performances, and the video clip of the "Dame" song.

In January 1998, "No", the "Página 12's" journal Thursday Supplement complimented the band on the "Shows 1996-1997" work, as well as the"Madhouse" and "Epopeya" magazines did. During January and February the video clips of the "Ando Mal" and "La Dama del Alba" songs taken from the “Sigue, Persigue, Consigue” VHS, were released. Montreal was once again followed by "under" publications such as "Orgus' Zine", "Music Power",“La Fiera”, “El Pez Negro”, “Duelos de Mente”, “El Ojo Metálico”, “Escenario” and “El Biombo”.
The rest of the year was dedicated to presentations, both live and on radio programmes.

In January 1999 the group began broadcasting "Promo 99", a preview of what would be the first cd of the band, and in February entered the studio to start the recording.
The formation of Montreal at the time was Gustavo Ruben (guitar), Sergio Marti (Drums), Sebastián Mendoza (bass) and Gustavo Giacomassi (Voice).
In November, the debut album `Montreal' came out with 12 tracks, and it was officially presented on December 7th in `Acatraz' (Buenos Aires) with Larry Zavala (ex-Nepal) as a guest, performing the V8 band song 'Muy Cansado'. The band promoted the album with the 'Maldita Estación Sureña' videoclip.
In the 1999 survey carried out by the 'Epopeya' magazine, Montreal ranked in the fifth place in the best national album category, whereas 'Maldita Estación Sureña' ranked in the fourth place in the best national song category, and guitar player Gustavo Ruben was among the best national guitarists.


In early 2000, Montreal played with O´Connor in the 'Chacal' bar in La Plata city and in 'Cemento' (Buenos Aires). In August they made their first international show in Montevideo, Uruguay, invited by the band '7th City Child'. The second half of the year Montreal continued with the presentation of their new CD, and they played in the 'Efecto Metal' festival in Avellaneda city, along with Tren Loco and Sauron bands, among others.

In 2001 the singer Claudio Vattino joined the band. In August, the band appeared with the song 'Dulce 022' in MP3 format in the fifth issue of the 'Users' magazine. In October they recorded the song 'Corte Final' in anticipation of what would be their second album. That song also appeared in the 'Hermandad Metálica Vol. 4' compilation, with bands like Saxon and Renacer. The track 'Corte Final' has been given widespread coverage, specially in the print media and radio programs (Fm 'Rock & Pop' and Fm 'D'Rock').
To close the year on December 29th at the 'Gran Rivadavia' theater, Gustavo Ruben played a song as a guest musician in the 'Beto Vazquez Infinity' show.



The following year he pulled performing in the city of Luján at a meeting of bikers. In April they recorded the theme "Bloke", "Praíso Infernal", which form part of the reissue of the album "Demolición 2002", along with the band "Tren Loco" and "Renacer". In June there were "La Colorada", and some parts of the show was filmed for a future clip.
They were shown on TV programs "Efecto Metal" and "Estación Terminal".
Finally, it appeared edited in double vinyl format "Hard 'N' Heavy", under the label "Dies Irae", while they began to make his second cd.



In early 2003, Montreal was Gustavo Ruben (guitar), Claudio Vattino (Vocals), Gustavo Acosta (bass) and Emiliano Wachs (Drums), this training will realize a series of actions by the Federal Capital and Gran Buenos Aires, and was devoted to record the clip of "Paraíso Infernal".
For December were presented to the City of Trelew headlining the festival "Hermandad Metálica" with "Corsario" and local bands.


“Entre el Bien y el Mal” was released in 2004, demonstrating once again, the skills that characterize Montreal. At the same time and lack of inactivity, Montreal recorded the song "Fast Taker" which would form part of the first tribute to "Manowar" in South America by Hurling Metal and Fanzine Metálica.



In 2005 he devoted himself to promoting "Entre El Bien Y El Mal" with the entry of Matías Pena on drums. This training took off in the Popular Library "Trabajadores de Yaguane", according to "Espacio Cultural" in the City of Buenos Aires, the city of La Plata and providing their first show in the city of Santa Rosa, La Pampa, where they were very welcome. By mid year they released the clip for "Nada Es Eternol" and the end of December appeared in an extensive article in the Spanish magazine "Hush", dedicated to the British band "Deep Purple".


In addition, the web of "Metalica Fanzine" the Cd “Entre el Bien y el Mal” is considered one of the "First Hundred Essential Heavy Metal Albums National".



In 2006, while continuing to live shows, participated in the Argentinean tribute to the Spanish band "Barón Rojo" with the song "Con Botas Sucias" and began recording the next Cd.

In 2007 took part in the compilation "El Ojo Metálico Vol. V", with "Maldita Estación Sureña" and released their third studio album "Post-Crucifixion", which again was the subject of comments from various magazines and fanzines.



Montreal in 2008 devoted himself to the presentation of "Post-Crucifixion", while she recorded the title track video.


In July 2009 the band was interviewed by Walter Meza in the "MTL" (CM) and continued with live performances, highlighting the show which included opening for "Omen" in Asbury, and at the acclaimed Festival "Metal Para Todos 2" in "El Teatro" (Colegiales), with bands like "Almafuerte","Tren Loco" and "Renacer".



In early 2010 released the video of Rocker (Edit). Montreal mid June to a date shared with the American band Virgin Steele in "El Teatro" of Flores.



In 2011 Montreal was dedicated to the pre-production and recording of their next studio album.
By March 2012 the band recorded all the material. It was mixed and mastered by Axel Sierra Bas at "Soundsystem Studio", in Barcelona (Spain). On June 2nd, the group gave a show at "Speed King" (Buenos Aires), prior to the release of the album.



The 27th of that month Montreal suffered the loss of the singer Claudio Vattino, who died unexpectedly and left the band immersed into deep sorrow.



In August "Eterno Retorno", the most mature and powerful work of Montreal, saw the light. It includes some songs like "Adrenalina", "Angeles", "Volviendo a Empezar", "Seis Esmeraldas" and "El Convidado de Piedra", became part of the classic songs of this formation.
"Eterno Retorno" was the product of several months of effort and unfortunately ended up being a tribute to the great Claudio, who with this recording showed all his artistic background and confirmed he was one of the best singers of Argentine heavy metal.
The album had great reviews and comments on the specialized media like Efecto Metal (magazine), Jedbangers (magazine), Metálica Fanzine and Tiempos Violentos(radio program), among others.


In October 2012 was held the "Metal Para Todos V" Festival where the third stage was named "Claudio Vattino", in commemoration of his career. In this stage, Mathras (the other band of Gustavo Ruben), finished the evening shows and at the end of their presentation Matias Pena, Gustavo Acosta and Norberto Rodriguez were invited to play the song "Adrenalina".


In February 2013, after having sold out the first edition of "Entre el Bien y el Mal", one of the most important albums of the band, the album was reissued with new graphic and press comments.





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